Living & Looking Healthy

Hair, whilst playing a very important role in your general appearance and often setting the style for your entire look, can also be seen as a reflection of your internal health. Genetics, hormones and diet are the true factors that affect the rate at which hair grows, as well as it’s overall health.

Problems such as hair loss, the graying of hair, or dandruff, are often caused by numerous vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the body, making you feel unhealthy, and look worn out and tired. As maintaining high a level of these important mineral and vitamins through diet alone often proves difficult, Biogenique helps to make up for internal deficiencies through its assortment of unique supplements.


The Metabolism Companion

100 Tablets


Price: $47.47

Vitacomplete for Women

The Multivitamin for Active Lifestyles

100 Tablets


Price: $62.47


The Immunity Companion

100 Tablets


Price: $42.47