★SALE★MusclePower - Strength, Performance & Muscle Mass Jensens (100 servings)


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• Increases muscle mass
• Improves strength and performance
Creatine can be found in the body, more specifically in the muscles and brain. It is very commonly used by athletes for improving performance and increasing muscle mass, however, it can also be used by older adults for the same purposes. Research supports the use of creatine in improving performance in healthy adults during brief high-intensity activities. Creatine has also been shown to have numerous benefits other than improving physical performance and increasing muscle mass but more research will need to be done to confirm them. As such, it has been reported that creatine supplementation can also be prescribed for depression, diabetes, muscle atrophy and cramps, muscular dystrophies, bone density, congestive heart failure and creatine deficiency syndromes that affect the brain. This product can be taken by the young and the elderly alike to improve their physical performance and increase muscle mass.

Active Ingredients

Creatine (5 mg)

Calcium silicate, silicon dioxide.

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