Organic Coconut & Jojoba Oil, DESERT ESSENCE (118ml)

Desert Essence




HIGH ABSORPTION - Desert essence hair and skin oil gets absorbed into your skin and hair quickly, leading to faster results.

NO OILY RESIDUE - Organic oil rejuvenates skin and hair while leaving no oily residue so that your hair and skin do not look oily.

REDUCES DRYNESS - Beauty oil replenishes dry and parched hair and skin by acting upon hair follicles and skin cells. It seals in the moisture content.

CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT - Organic jojoba and coconut oil by Desert Essence is certified by the USDA, which adds to its authenticity.

SOFTENS SKIN & HAIR - The goodness of jojoba and coconut oils keeps your hair and skin healthy, soft, supple, and revitalized.

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