Molkosan (liquid, 200ml) - A.Vogel





A Vogel Molkosan - Produced from naturally lactofermented Whey, Molkosan naturally maintains and helps produce intestinal flora for complete digestion, and naturally stimulates the pancreas for enhanced enzyme production. Excellent treatment for symptoms typical of overindulgence, A. Vogel Molkosan helps eliminate toxic buildup throughout the body, enhances the immune system, and helps improve digestion and metabolism.

Molkosan is made with fresh milk from the Swiss Alps. Fats and proteins are removed by centrifugation and ultrafiltration.

The resulting lactose free whey is then lacto-fermented with a specific and exclusive strain of lactobacillus and pasteurized.

Molkosan’s content of lactic acid (L +) has been recognized for decades for its many traditional uses as a health food.


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