Akileine (Larima) Sports NOK Cream - 75ml






SPORTS AKILEINE NOK Anti-Chafing Cream: Simply magical, the real Star of the range: NOK cream is THE solution! Strengthens and protects the skin from rubbing.  Efficiency on all skin areas with rubbing contacts (armpits, groins, thighs, heels).  Clinically proven.  Water-resistant.  Perspiration-resistant.


Sports with rubbing contacts (skin to skin, skin to clothing, skin to sport equipement or skin to shoes)
Ideal for running shoes, ski-boots, cycling shorts, skates etc
Can be used as a great chamois cream

Instructions for use

Before practicing your favorite sport, apply to the areas needing protection, massage until completely absorbed.
Apply a second layer with no massage in case of intense rubbing (marathon, triathlon, raids, …)
For best prepapration, apply daily 20 days prior to competition.
Can be used on children from age 3 years old and over.

Key ingredients

High concentration of Natural Shea Butter (30%)
Paraben Free



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