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• Cardiovascular health
• Antioxidant support
CoQ10 is an antioxidant that is present in the body naturally, however, people with certain conditions, such as heart disease have lower levels of CoQ10. Additionally, CoQ10 levels have also been to drop with increased age. Studies have shown that taking CoQ10 help improve hearth health and this is beneficial for those cardiovascular diseases such as cholesterol or high blood pressure. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels and help decreased the frequency of migraines. CoQ10 being an antioxidant helps reduce damage caused by free radicals to the skin, muscles, brain and lungs. CoQ10 can also be used to improve athletic performance as CoQ10 provides energy for the cells. Each tablet contains CoQ10 and Vitamin E which is another powerful antioxidant and it also helps ensure a better absorption of CoQ10 inside the body.


Why Jensens Vitamins?

The application of Structurally Active-Orthogenic (SAO) technology by Jensens Vitamins' research and production team ensures that all available products are of a heightened quality. 

SAO technology produces active ingredients with strong molecular composition and the highest bioavailability (ratio of inactive/active ingredients) in order to ensure synergistic applications occur within the body. In other words, the Jensens Vitamins label ensures that all our products are able to be optimally absorbed by the bloodstream at the molecular level, and don’t just pass through the body undigested. 

Jensens Vitamins is pharmaceutically tested and clinically verified by careful examination at every stage of production. The protocols are measured and confirmed for international standard compliance before the product is introduced to market. 

Jensens Vitamins only uses 100% natural ingredients. 

Active Ingredients

CoQ10 (50 mg), Vitamin E (7.5 mg, 16.7 IU)

Annatto extract, gelatin (bovine), glycerine, phosphatidylserine, purified water, rice bran oil, titanium dioxide.

*2X stronger than HerbalGenn CoQ10 25 mg

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