CiderVin, Organika (120 caps)





Even though use of apple cider vinegar dates back to the Ancient Greeks, it is not a common household item in our kitchens. Instead of undertaking the challenging task of incorporating apple cider vinegar into the daily menu, take Organika®'s Cider·Vin™ Capsules. Each of Organika®'s Cider·Vin™ Capsules contains 530 mg of apple cider vinegar supplying 6 mg of Vitamin C, 200 mcg of Potassium, and 2 mcg of Boron. As a source of Vitamin C, Cider·Vin™ maintains good health. Avoid chalky Vitamin C tablets and simply enjoy one capsule three times daily. Vitamin C helps in connective tissue formation, fat and protein metabolism and in the development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth and gums. Maintain good health and enjoy the nutritive benefits of Organika®'s Cider·Vin™ Capsules.


    • Potent source of vitamin C, for skin repair, enzyme support, and preventing oxidative damage. 
    • Helps to boost metabolism of carbs, fats and proteins for better digestion 
    • Promotes maintenance of gums, teeth, cartilage and skin

Direction: Take 1 capsule 3 times per day with meals and a glass of water. 



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