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At Love Beauty and Planet® we are committed to acts of love that make you and our planet a little more beautiful, everyday. Our goal is a carbon footprint so small it's like we weren't even here. We started our journey by loading our beauty products with goodness. Every one of our bottles is made from 100% recycled materials and are recyclable. Our caps and pumps aren’t made from recycled plastics yet, but we’re working on it.

Renew body, mind and spirit. Blended with Coconut water and a refreshing shot of handpicked Mimosa flower, our Radical Refresher Body Wash gives you deliciously soft, delicately scented skin.

The delicate coconut scents combine with mimosa flower, which exudes lasting notes of green floral mimosa reminiscent of Indian jasmine. Our mimosa flower absolute is obtained by extracting the heart notes of the flower petals whereas classic mimosa absolutes are made of flowers, leaves and branches — we like to use those as eco-friendly fertilizer instead.

How to Use:
• You know it - squeeze into hand, lather on body, rinse off.
• Remember to go easy on the tap.
• Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Body Wash for a jolt of energizing freshness
• Our Radical Refresher Body Wash for skin that craves hydration is made with Organic Coconut Oil
• Made with Coconut Water, and a refreshing shot of handpicked Mimosa Flower
• Love Beauty & Planet’s Radical Refresher coconut body wash leaves your skin deliciously soft and delicately scented
• YES Organic Coconut Oil, YES Organic Coconut Water, YES Ethically Sourced Mimosa, YES with Plant Based Cleansers, YES Vegan, YES Not Tested on Animals, YES Our Ultra Mild Cleansers, NO Parabens, NO Sulfate Cleansers, NO Dyes, NO Guilt
• Every bottle of body wash you buy helps us contribute to a planet lovers' waste reduction efforts

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