Cognicor - Memory & Cognitive Function Support, Biogenique (90 caps)


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Cognicor is our Ginkgo biloba supplement. Ginkgo biloba has been cultivated and used for a variety of reasons for thousands of years. Although native to China it can now be found in many other parts of the world. Its leaves and seeds have been heavily used in traditional Chinese medicine, however, modern science and research have focused more on ginkgo leaf extract. Studies have shown that Ginkgo leaf extract contain powerful antioxidants which help neutralize the damaging effect of free radicals which can damage healthy tissues and lead to increased aging.

Ginkgo has also been reported to help with increased blood flow to various parts of the body, a more detailed study has shown that ginkgo supplementation led to an increase in blood nitric oxide levels causing the blood vessels to dilate and resulting in increased blood flow. Ginkgo supplementation may also help enhance brain function and mental well-being on healthy individuals.

Active Ingredients

Ginkgo biloba (90 mg)

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