Coup d'Éclat (Larima) Marine Collagen Vials 3*1ML

Coup d'Éclat




COUP D’ECLAT Marine Collagen Vials: Collagen synthesis within the body gradually slows down from the age 25, skin loses density and firmness and wrinkles appear. Coup d’Eclat has created this night care to help restore moisture, firmness and radiance, leading to a younger-looking skin. Strongly recommended with change of season. Astonishing results!



Ageing and devitalized skin.
Lack of elasticity and skin tonicity.
Crow’s feet and fine lines.
Dull and mature wrinkled skin.


Instructions for use

Apply in the evening at bedtime to a thouroughly cleansed skin. Smooth the contents of one ampoule over the face, neck and neckline and massage gently until completely absorbed.
Use 12 consecutive days and renew as needed.

Key ingredients

High concentration of Marine Collagen
Firming : IDEALIFT (Patent)
Smoothing : MATRIXYL synthe’ 6 (Patent)
Paraben Free


3x 1ml

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