A powerful preventive and curative anti-aging gel! Radiate in the blink of an eye, in the morning or in the evening with the Eternal Youth treatment with an immediate tightening effec

MORE INFORMATION NOTICE From the age of 30, the skin shows signs of fatigue more quickly, it appears dull and less toned. Orescience Laboratories have developed a treatment that combines the performance of an instant tightening effect and a powerful radiance revealing effect. Thanks to the patented Resistress and Glycofilm active ingredients, the skin is protected from oxidative stress and pollution, accelerators of aging. A gel composed of: Resistress, a patented active derived from the flower of Sophora Japonica which fights oxidative stress by stimulating the skin's anti-oxidant defenses and repairs damage suffered by oxidation. Solashield, pearly pearls which contain the active ingredients Glycofilm and Calcium Alginate. Glycofilm acts as a real anti-pollution shield while letting the skin breathe, while Calcium Alginate is recognized for its wrinkle filling and smoothing effect. Bottle: 30ml

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