Huile de nigelle, MELVITA






Considered in Egypt as a true panacea from the time of the Pharaohs and revered to the heart of ancient Arabia - the Prophet Muhammad assured that "this black cuminheals everything except death" - nigella oil is extracted from the black seeds of a white-flowered renonculace that grows in the shade of oases.

Reputedly toning the scalp and relieving body tension,it is also traditionally used for its purifying properties for oily skin.

As nigella oil is highly aromatic, it is advisable to mix it with hazelnut or jojoba oil.

The Melvita Guarantee Charter:

Organically grown 1st cold-pressed oil

Dye-free and preservative-free

No chemical solvent

Uncompromising quality control

High concentration of assets guaranteed

A fully controlled and adapted extraction process




Nigella Sativa [Nigella Sativa Seed Oil], tocopherol, soy wisteria (soybean) oil, silt...

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