Kwan Loong Oil 57ml




    • Kwan Loong Oil is an invaluable and versatile topical analgesic help to relieve congestion, itchiness from insect bites
    • Provide a temporarily pains relief associated to backaches, sprains, strains and arthritis
    • Useful for fast and effective relief of dizziness, headaches, motion sickness, blocked nose, stomachaches, sprains, rheumatic pains

  • Effective on arthritis, bruises, sprains as penetrative pain relief solution 


  • Keep a bottle of Kwan Loong Medicated Oil close to you at all times. You never know when you are going to need it.


    • Adults and children 3 years of age and older
    • Apply to affected area not more than 3 or 4 times daily
    • Do not use this product if you are allergic to salicylates or anticoagulant medications, avoid direct application into the nostrils

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