Lady Green Blender Douceur Éponge À Maquillage Forme Goutte Violette Sans Latex 1 Pièce

Lady Green




Lady Green Blender Soft Makeup Sponge Shape Violet Drop Without Latex 1 Piece


Ultra-soft, the Blender Sweet Violet Sponge allows you to apply your foundation or BB cream easily. In the shape of a drop, this blender allows you to make up precisely by accessing all areas of your face. Guaranteed without latex, this sponge can be used on all types of skin even the most sensitive.

under dermatological control Its secret: - Rounded faces are used for application on wide areas (front, cheeks, chin).
- The tip is used for small areas (eyes, mouths, wings of the nose).
- The bevelled face is used to stretch and smooth the material.

Indications: - To apply foundation or BB cream - For all skin types even the most sensitive Ingredients: Polyurethane Use tips: - For a natural rendering: moisten your blender, place your skin product directly on your skin and then stretch the material to get the desired effect.

- For a more covering rendering: use

the dry blender. 1. Moisten the blender sponge under lukewarm water and gently press it to extract excess water.
2. Place a little product on top of the hand and soak the round base of the material sponge.
3. Tap on the face, from forehead to chin, through cheekbones or smooth the material according to the expected result.
4. Clean the sponge with soap and water and wring it gently after each use. Precautions of use:

Keeps between 3 and 6 months, depending on the frequency of use.

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