Menopause Day & Night, Harmony (caps)





Harmony Menopause Day and Night formulation specifically addresses menopause symptoms where sleeplessness is of major concern. The potent night formula helps relieve night sweats, sleeplessness and restless disturbed sleep. The formula also has additional symptom relief to help provide support for hot flushes, mild anxiety and irritability.

Take 2 DAY tablets in the morning. Take 1 NIGHT tablet in the evening Or take as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Tablets can be taken with water or juice, before meals or at least one hour after meals. 


Day tablet: Rehmannia glutinosa root: 1.2g
Vitex agnus-castus fruit (Chaste Tree): 100mg
Angelica polymorpha root (Dong Quai): 200mg
Dioscorea opposita root (Chinese Yam): 200mg
Paeonia lactiflora root (Peony): 200mg
Bupleurum falcatum root: 200mg
Calcium hydrogen phosphate: 350gm
Calcium amino acid chelate: 50mg
Magnesium amino acid chelate: 50mg
Cholecalciferol: 2.5mcg (Vitamin D3 100IU)

Night tablet: Rehmannia glutinosa root: 7.6g
Ziziphus jujube seed: 10g

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