Omega 3, Les Zamis (liquid)

Les Zamis




A rich source of omega-3 fatty acids with EPA & DHA for the maintenance of good health.
Helps support the development of the brain, eyes and nerves in children up to 12 years of age.
Helps support cognitive health and brain function and in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth, and in the absorption and use of phosphorus.
An antioxidant formula for the maintenance of good health.

Children 2 to 13 years old: 2 teaspoons a day after meals. One month treatment is recommended for maximum efficacy. Can be renewed a few times per year, if necessary.

Fish oil (salmon) 250 mg, providing 100 mg DHA and 25 mg EPA Vitamin D 6.25 mcg (250IU) – Vitamin E 1.68 mgTA

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