Pulpe de Vie (Larima) Radiance Boost Energizing Mask (Grape Fruit)

Pulpe de Vie





In one dose, enjoy all the benefits of this Radiance and Energy Mask in a biodegradable fabric soaked in natural, reinforced ingredients. It illuminates, revitalizes and moisturizes the skin in just ten minutes like a real energizing anti-fatigue cocktail!


When the skin lacks radiance, shows signs of fatigue and loses its beautiful pink hue, opt for the Margar’Eclat mask to give a real shot of brightness, boost vitality and moisturize deeply and durably the skin in a single gesture. Enjoy radiant, energized skin as if you just returned from a professional institute treatment without leaving your sofa!

Instructions for use

Place the mask on your face previously cleansed and dried according to the openings provided for the eyes, the nose and the mouth. We advise you to proceed to a scrub beforehand so that the ingredients penetrate better. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes then remove the mask. Massage the excess serum with your fingertips to have the ingredients penetrate. If desired, you can rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Key ingredients

  • Organic Grapefruit: Thanks to its high vitamin C content, grapefruit brings radiance and vitality to the skin.
  • Organic Carrot: It revitalizes dull and tired skin and gives a whiplash effect.
  • Fucocert®: An ultra-powerful moisturizer obtained from a sugar derivative.


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