RAMPAL LATOUR Clay Honeysuckle Soap

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RAMPAL LATOUR Clay Honeysuckle Soap: Authentic, pure vegetable, the Clay-Honeysuckle is rich in fine green clay to cleanse your skin. Thanks the honeysuckle flowery scents, your skin will be fresh and delicately perfumed. For its colour we have only used natural pigments. For its colour we have only used natural pigments. Without any preserving agents, EDTA or Paraben, our soap is natural and authentic. Thus your skin is soft and purified.


Our toilet soap is suitable for all skin types, but particularly adapted for oily skin.

Key ingredients

Honeysuckle – Green Clay

– Pure vegetable soap
– Easily biodegradable
– No parabens
– Without preservatives, without EDTA
– No PEG (petrochemical derivatives)

We guarantee that the palm oil we use in the fabrication of our soaps comes from a sector of the industry that is fully engaged in the protection of our forests and sustainable development.

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