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540ml maple syrup can x 8 cans. Grade A dark amber / no.1 medium pure maple syrup.

Packed right on the farm by the farmer himself, this tradition is now available for the outside world to enjoy. Pure maple syrup is an all-natural energy booster and a superior sweetener choice to help fuel your body before, during and after a workout. Our maple cans are only made from 100% pure natural maple syrup, and just as you would expect, it does not contain ANY artificial ingredients. You can even use this pure maple syrup as an alternative to sugar in your recipes. All you need to do is replace every cup of sugar with ¾ of a cup of maple syrup. Make your cooking more imaginative.

  • 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup with no sugar added. It's perfect for maple syrup recipes.
  • Perfect for maple syrup gift to your friends and family because it is maple syrup in a can!
  • Maple Syrup Grade B ( 540 ml x 8 ) = maple syrup amber ( new classification )
  • The shelf life is three years so with this product you will have maple syrup for a long time
  • Maple syrup is really better than corn syrup, sugar and agave syrup because maple syrup is natural with minerals, vitamins and antioxydants.

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