Surfine Green Clay, ARGILETZ (300g)





Since the dawn of time, clay is used for therapeutic purposes by many civilizations. This magical clay has minerals providing wellness to the body and has numerous properties.

Argiletz Surfine Green Clay 300g is a fine green clay powder. With its pleasant fine texture, this clay makes you feel more feminine instantly. It is to use on the face to bring vitality to the epidermis while bringing softness. Used on the hair, it allows to purify.

100% natural clay.

External application: mix 2 to 3 soup spoons of clay with a little mineral or floral water. Allow to settle for a few minutes, then stir with a wooden spatula until you obtain an even, smooth paste.
As a softening, purifying and decongestioning mask, clay works to tone the skin and brighten the complexion through its absorbing action. It can also be used for a bath, as a compress and in thalassotherapy.

Do not allow clay to dry.
Indication: Facial or hair mask. Beauty baths.

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