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Jensens Vitamins' Ocuvie has been specially designed to help maintain eyesight, slow the progression of diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy and macular degeneration, reduce the risk of developing cataracts and to provide with plenty of antioxidants to prevent free radical damage.

Similar to the rest of the body, the eyes are also affected by the diet and lifestyle choices. Staring for long hours at screens will definitely cause strain and damage to the eyes. At the same time, if the diet does not include the proper nutrients to support healthy eyesight then it will impair vision at a much earlier age. Nutrients such as zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E and lutein are crucial for maintain healthy eyesight. Taking care of your eyes starting at an earlier age can help delay problems such as age-related macular degeneration.

Active Ingredients:
Lutein (5 mg)
Quercetin (5 mg)
Rutin (5 mg)
Copper (1 mg)
Grape seed extract (12.5 mg, 30:1 extract)
Lycopene (5 mg)
Bilberry (170 mg, 40:1 extract)
Vitamin C (120 mg)
Vitamin E (134 mg AT, 200 IU)
Zinc (25 mg).

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