White Clay for Dull Skin, ARGILETZ (100g)





White Kaolinite clay is ultra-soft, has a neutral pH and is used for its decongesting properties. Ultra-ventilated white clay – a natural source of minerals – is a fine clay powder of about 20 microns. This neutral white Kaolinite clay will respect your epidermis, even when sensitive, while at the same time procuring infinite softness. Thanks to its incredible illuminating power, your skin’s radiance will be instantly revealed.

French laboratory Argiletz brings its 100% natural and organic clays to the us market for the first time. with over 60 years of experience and innovation, Argiletz sources and produces this therapeutic clay entirely in france with the highest quality standards and in an environmentally sustainable fashion. this 100% natural, ready-to-use clay mask has been produced as naturally as possible to preserve the richness of ions and mineral salts: sun-dried, ultra-ventilated, non-ionized and preservative-free. fully neutral, white clay respects any type of skins even the most aging ones by giving them a delightful softness respectful of the epidermis. besides, thanks to its incredible illuminating and decongesting properties, it instantaneously brightens and regenerates the skin.

*Upper skin layers.

Recommended for dull, lacklustre complexion.

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